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MFA, Columbia University, New York, NY
BA, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

VOV Gallery, Extended Play, Makati, PI

BRANNER SPANGENBERG GALLERY, Nothing is here; and Dada is its Name, Redwood City, CA - 2016

CA√ĎADA COLLEGE ART GALLERY, Semi Immaculate, Redwood City, CA 2015 (Solo)

RANDOM PARTS GALLERY, Rapid Disassembly, Oakland, CA 2015 (Solo)

WIEGAND GALLERY, Art Faculty Exhibition, Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, CA -2013

LIBERTY ARTS GALLERY, Figure-Ground, Yreka CA -2012

INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS, Broadside Attractions- Vanquished Terrains, San Francsico, CA -2012

DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, 20 Artists 2 Galleries 4 Blocks, San Francisco, CA -2009

SALONCENTRO PROJECTS, boys meet girls, Mexico D.F., MEXICO -2005

2005 BAYENNALE, Oakland CA

It’s Not Rocket Science, Old Oakland Exhibition Space

Exotica Turistica, Shipping Container Installations, Jack London Square, Oakland CA -2005

LINC ART, Old Flames and New Flavors, San Francisco, CA -2004

GALESBURG CIVIC ART CENTER, East Coast-West Coast, Galesburg, IL -2003

CULTURELOUNGE - REFUSALON, high light, Oakland, CA -2002

HEY, Orange, Oakland, CA -2002

REFUSALON, Instant Gratification, San Francisco, CA -2001

REFUSALON, Old Kingdom, San Francisco, CA -2001 (Solo)

REFUSALON, 1:1, San Francisco, CA -2000

REFUSALON, SF-LA-Tel Aviv, San Francisco, CA -1999

WHITE COLUMNS, Journey, Curated by Paul Ha. New York, NY -1998

NEW LANGTON ARTS, Dromology: Ecstasies of Speed, Curated by Marcia Tanner. San Francisco, CA -1998

BRONWYN KEENAN GALLERY, Road Show ‘97, New York, NY -1997

REFUSALON, Stirred Not Shaken, Curated by Permi K. Gill, San Francisco, CA -1997

REFUSALON, Striated, San Francisco, CA -1996 (Two Artist)

SAN JOSE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Location, Location, Curated by Marcia Tanner. San Jose, CA -1996

POPE GALLERY, Santa Cruz, CA -1995

FIREHOUSE GALLERY, Drive-By Paintings, Grants Pass, OR -1995 (Solo)

NEW MEDIA GALLERY, Ventura College, Sub-Urban Paintings, Ventura, CA -1995 (Solo)

HACKETT-FREEDMAN GALLERY, New Bay Area Painting, San Francisco, CA -1995

LOS MEDANOS COLLEGE Art Gallery, Bay Area Landscape, Pittsburg, CA- 1994

A/B GALLERY, The Living Room Show, Los Angeles, CA -1993

UNTITLED GALLERY, Testing the Market, San Francisco, CA -1992

CROCKER ART MUSEUM, Crocker-Kingsley Exhibition, Sacramento, CA -1992

UNTITLED GALLERY, Recent Paintings- Paul Bridenbaugh, San Francisco, CA -1992 (Solo)

UNTITLED GALLERY, Recent Works - Gallery Artists, San Francisco, CA -1991

SYCNCHRONICITY SPACE, Paul Bridenbaugh and Christopher Draeger, New Works, New York, NY -1990 (Two Artist)

MUSCARELLE MUSEUM OF ART, College of William and Mary, American Drawing, Williamsburg, VA -1990

Legit 3D, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2015

Double Vision: Photographic Portraits from Cuba and Ghana, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2014

Other Dimensions of Narrative, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2014

Obscuras Fronteras, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2012

Opposites Attract: Meditations on a natural world, works by Daniel Galvez, Reflections on a broken system, works by Jos Sances, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2012

3 Corner Symphony, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2011

Private = Public, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2011

Free Range Aesthetics: Pussyfooting Through the Detritus Mind Field of Reality, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2010

Scenes from the Puppet World, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2010

Landscape Derivations, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2009

Technopia, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2009

Nature Insideout, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2009

Robert Ortbal- Benign:Growth and Neglect, Wiegand Gallery, Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont CA -2009

Politique Poetique, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, CA -2008

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